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Spo2&Temperature Module

Spo2& Temperature module

Item No.: YS2000A
♦  Oxygen saturation, pulse rate, body temperature
♦  50 * 40 * 14mm
♦  20g
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♦  Small size, flexible installation method, high reliability and measurement accuracy

♦  Provide fast and accurate oxygen saturation and pulse rate measurement

♦  Adopting improved digital signal processing technology to effectively suppress the impact of human movement and weak perfusion measurement

♦  Can provide the best measurement sensitivity and stability, meeting the needs of ICU, CCU, and anesthesia surgery applications

♦  Numerous clinical comparative trials with blood gas analyzers to ensure accurate clinical monitoring accuracy

♦  Functional safety design that meets CE requirements

♦  Suitable for adults, children, and newborns

♦  Single power supply 5V operation, low-power design

♦  Can display output trace waves and pulse intensity

♦  Simple serial port connection for easy integration

♦  Can be directly connected and communicated via USB

YS2000A is an independent external blood oxygen pulse temperature module, which can be externally connected to a multi parameter monitor, a handheld pulse oximeter and other devices that need to measure oxygen saturation, pulse rate, temperature and volume waveforms. Connect to your device through USB or 3.3V TLL, RS232 serial port.

Measurement range:

♦  Oxygen saturation: 35 - 100%

♦  Pulse rate: 25-250 beats/minute

♦  Body temperature: 20-50 ℃


♦  Oxygen saturation 1%

♦  Pulse rate 1 bpm

♦  Body temperature 0.1 ℃

Measurement accuracy:

Oxygen saturation:

80%~100% error ± 2%; 70% to 79% error ± 3%; Not defined below 70%

Pulse rate:

± 2bmp or ± 2%, whichever is higher in absolute value.

Body temperature:

± 0.2 ℃


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