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ECG Module

ECG module

Item No.: ECG003
♦  Respiratory rate, electrocardiogram waveform
♦  100.1 * 81 * 16 mm
♦  50g (PCBA)
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Specifiche di prestazione:

♦  Elettrocardiogramma a canale singolo

♦  Velocità di campionamento ECG 1000HZ

♦  Supporta le modalità diagnostiche, di monitoraggio e chirurgiche

♦  Supporta guadagno programmabile a 4 livelli

communication interface:

♦ Supports TTL (default)

♦ Supports RS232/USB (customization required)

Communication protocol:

Please refer to ECG003 communication protocol related documents for communication protocol details


ECG003 is an easily integrated ECG module product that uses a built-in chip for high-speed collection and processing of ECG signals, and outputs the processed data. The output data mainly includes electrocardiogram waveform, respiratory waveform, heart rate, respiratory rate, QRS peak (R-peak), etc.

Frequenza cardiaca:

Campo di misura: 25 bpm~300 bpm

Precisione: ± 2bpm o 2%, a seconda di quale sia il massimo

Respiratory rate:

Measurement range: 5rpm~100rpm

Accuracy: ± 2rpm

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