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Reusable Temp Probe

Reusable Temp Probe

Item No.: Reusable Temp Probe
Reusable Temp Probe
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Reusable Temp Probe

l   High quality patient care require temperature monitoring, temperature monitoring in the OR, ICU, CCU is also a very importantphysiological signal measurements;  Berry provides a set of reusable and disposable temperature probes are used to measure the bodytemperature of patients. 

Applied to the rectum, esophagus, and surface probe;

l   Wire soft, comfortable, non-toxic, all made of medical grade material in accordance with ANSI/AAMIEC53-1995 and GB706.1-995

l   Free latex 





0 to 50 ° C


± 0.1 ° 25   to 45 °  C

Delivery time

Samples: about 2 days

Mass production: about 15 days (2000pieces)

OEM: about 25 days



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