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6-parameter monitor

6-parameter monitor

Item No.: PM6100
♦  SpO2, Pulse Rate, Heart Rate, RESP, NIBP and Temperature
♦  Display: 2.8'' TFT LCD
♦  Battery type: 3.7V (1800mAh) lithium battery
♦  140*82*46mm
Free APP: Berry Smart Health

PM6100 patient multi-parameter monitor, paired with corresponding probes, can measure blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, heart rate, respiratory rate, non-invasive blood pressure, and temperature. This product is the size of an adult palm and comes standard with a wireless charging base, making it easy to carry and can be constantly tested for your health. Suitable for home, ambulance, and outdoor emergency use.


The standard wireless charging base eliminates the need for cumbersome cables for charging. The bracket type charging base stands upright on the desktop, making reading more convenient and less prone to falling.


Download the "Berry Smart Health" app for free, download it to your phone or tablet, install it, click on the orange monitor icon, connect to your device through Bluetooth, record real-time data, read historical data, and more.


Dimension 145mm (L)×85mm (W)×37mm (D)
Weight 250±10g 
HR Measurement  Min. Max: 25~250bpm.
Accuracy: ±2bpm or 2%
RESP Measurement Min. Max: 5~100brpm.
Accuracy: ±2brpm.
TEMP Measurement Min. Max: 25~45℃.
Accuracy: ±0.2℃.
SpO2 Measurement Min. Max: 35~100%.
Accuracy: ±2% (80%~100%),    ±3% (70%~79%),    ±3% (35% ~ 69%)
PR Measurement Min. Max: 25~250bpm.
Accuracy: ±2bpm or 2%
NIBP Measurement range of systolic blood pressure: 60~230mmHg. Measurement range of diastolic blood pressure: 40~130mmHg.
Static pressure accuracy:±3mmHg or 2%,whichever is greater.
The numerical step of blood pressure readings are 1mmHg.
Battery  3.7V, 1800mAh Built-in battery
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