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Multifuction Health Monitor

Multifuction Continuous blood pressure& Pulse Oximeter

Item No.: BM1300
♦  SpO2, PR, PI, BP
♦  Display: TFT
♦  Battery type: Two 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
♦  35*33*30mm
Free APP: Berry Smart Health

The BM1300 fingertip multifunctional health monitor can measure blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, perfusion index, and blood pressure. Small size, easy to carry, and can be constantly tested for your health.


Built in gyroscope, supporting four-way display to adapt to the usage habits of different groups of people, making it convenient and fast to read corresponding values. To display continuous blood pressure on the screen, please press the on button again.


Download the 'Berry Smart Health' application for free to your phone or tablet. After installation, click on the green health monitor icon and connect to your device through Bluetooth to record real-time data and read historical data.


Oxygen Saturation Range(%SpO2) 35%-100%
Pulse Rate Range(bpm) 25-250bpm
Pulse Rate Accuracy ±2bpm
SpO2 Accuracy 85-100%: ±1%
70-84%:  ±2%
50-69%: ±3%
CNIBP -Systolic pressure 
Measurement range: 80~200mmHg 
Diastolic pressure
Measurement range: 40~120mmHg
Operating Temperature 0℃ -  40℃
Humidity Operating 15% - 90% non condensing
Delivery time Mass production: about 15 days (2000pieces)
OEM about 25 days
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