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Type III Sleep Apnea Monitor

Type III Sleep Apnea Monitor

Item No.: PM50
♦  SpO2, HR,  Nasal Airflow, Body Position
♦  Optional Function: AF, RR, PI, NIBP
♦  Display: OLED
♦  Battery type: 3.7V lithium battery
♦  46*34*13mm
Free APP: Berry Smart Health

PM50 is a wrist type multi-channel sleep breathing monitor that can perform preliminary screening for sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome. This product records and counts changes in respiration, blood oxygen, pulse rate, heart rate, and body position during a single sleep process. Infer whether there is a patient with hypoventilation sleep syndrome, in order to detect and treat it early.


Download the "Berry Smart Health" app for free to your phone or tablet. The next day, collect sleep data and upload it to the app through Bluetooth, and then display a sleep report on your phone or tablet, which can also be shared with your docto.




Oxygen Saturation Range(Spo2%) 35%-100%
Pulse Rate Range(bpm) 25-250bpm
Pulse Rate Accuracy ±2bpm
SpO2 Accuracy 85-100%: ±1%
70-84%:  ±2%
50-69%: ±3%
Storage and Transport Environment -20℃ - 60℃
Operating Temperature 0℃ -  40℃
Humidity Operating 15% - 90% non condensing
Delivery time Mass production: about 15 days (2000pieces)
OEM about 25 days
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