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Reflex Spo2 Module

Reflex blood oxygen module

Item No.: BMH05
♦  Blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, perfusion index
♦  16 * 10mm
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The MH05 reflex blood oxygen module can accurately measure pulse waveform, pulse value, blood oxygen value, and other information. Combining the unique algorithm of Berry Electronics, it directly outputs pulse waveform, pulse rate value, and blood oxygen value, greatly reducing the difficulty of system integration. The user system only needs to communicate with the module through serial port or Bluetooth to obtain measurement results.


Product features:
♦ Integrated red and infrared dual     LED sensors
♦ Wide spectral high sensitivity         optical sensor
♦ 16mm * 10mm ultra small               volume
♦ low power consumption
♦ 3.3V ~ 5.5V flexible level                 interface
♦ Easy to use UART or Bluetooth       interface


Applied to:
♦  Management of chronic cardiovascular diseases
♦  Aerobic exercise management
♦  Abnormal health monitoring
♦  Intelligent wearable devices
♦  Medical testing equipment

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