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BMH05 reflective blood oxygen module

BMH05 Reflected Blood Oxygen Module

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Product overview:

BMH05,the reflective blood oxygen module is a multispectral physiological data measurement module developed by Shanghai Berry Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd, which can accurately measure pulse waveform, pulse value, blood oxygen value,etc. 

Product characteristics:

■ pulse waveform, pulse rate value, blood oxygen value and other parameters can be directly output

■ integrated red and infrared dual LED sensors

■ optical sensor with wide spectrum and high sensitivity

■ 16mm * 10mm ultra small volume

■ low power consumption

■ 3.3V ~ 5.5V flexible level interface

■ easy to use UART interface or Bluetooth interface

Typical applications:

■ cardiovascular chronic disease management

■ aerobic exercise management

■ abnormal health monitoring

■ smart wearable devices

■ medical testing equipment
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