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PM4100 Patient Monitor Modules

PM4100 Patient Monitor Modules

Item No.: PM4100 Patient Monitor Modules
Module supports the monitoring function of the four parameters (ECG,Blood pressure, Breathing,Temperature,Spo2)
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PM4100 Patient Monitor Modules

     3-lead ECG,level 4 programmable gain, level3 filtering mode (diagnose mode,diagnose mode,operationmode) heart rate range: 30– 300BPM.

    Impedance respiration,level 4 programmable gain,Breathing rate range: 0 - 100BPM   

    Temperaturemeasurement range:20 – 50℃, measuring accuracy:±0.2℃.

     Blood oxygen range: 35% - 100%, measuring accuracy: 2% (80% -100%), 3% (70% - 79%) 

     Pulse rate range:25-250BPM, measuring accuracy :1BPM ,
measuring accuracy: larger values in 1% and ±2BPM.

     Step-wise gassing method isadopted to measure blood pressure.

    Systolic blood pressure range: 60 -250 mmHg

    Diastolic blood pressure range: 30 -180mmHg 


l SPO2 showed the range of 35% to 100%, the accuracy is + 2%, + 3% (80%-100%) (70%-79%)

The pulse rate range from 25 to 250, the resolution of 1bpm, the accuracy of + 1% 2bpm or greater.